Couples Lifetime by eKasal: Making Memories Last Forever

From the moment he asks, “Will you marry me?” to the day that both of you declare, “I do” -- weddings and engagements are filled with special moments that touch our hearts. For this reason, we should make it a point to ensure that these moments last forever.

This is where eKasal’s Couples Packages comes in. By subscribing to their packages, you and your loved ones can revisit your special day over and over again… even for a lifetime!       

What is eKasal?

eKasal is a rapidly growing online directory for newly-engaged couples, wedding suppliers, vendors, and events organizers. Its main goal is two-fold: to provide couples with all the resources they need to ensure a memorable wedding; as well as to connect wedding suppliers, vendors, and events planners with prospective clients. The result? A “match” made in heaven, of course! 

To couples, eKasal offers a couples listing and a webpage for featuring their engagement and wedding details. To wedding suppliers, the platform provides a business listing and a range of services such as website development, advertising, and marketing. 

eKasal’s Packages for Couples

Without a doubt, your wedding album shall be one of your most cherished possessions. Indeed, pictures and videos can capture the love, joy and excitement of the occasion. But what if eKasal can take things further… by publishing your very own couple’s webpage?

eKasal presents Couples Packages, providing soon-to-be newlyweds with their own webpage, where they can feature the following:

Photo and Video Gallery. A digital platform where you can display your wedding’s most memorable moments… from the prenup, to the ceremony, to the wedding reception!

Events. In this section, you can post announcements about special occasions, including life events other than your wedding! Go ahead and feature birthdays, christenings, graduations… The webpage is designed to feature life’s most wonderful moments!

Blogs and Articles. Would you like to share your love story, wedding vows, or any inspiring thoughts and experiences? Bring out your inner writer by publishing your own blogs and articles!

Comments. Encourage your family and friends to share their greetings and messages by commenting on your webpage. After all, life’s most important events are meant to be shared!

Social Media Sharing. Eachcouple’s webpage comes with a social media widget that enables sharing of content to Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and other platforms. This way, you’ll be able to spread the message to a wider circle of family and friends… both near and far!

Deals. If you happen to be an entrepreneur, with your own products or services to offer -- you can use this section to publish special deals, sales events, and other offerings. Likewise, if you have an organization that you’d like to promote, you can use this part of the webpage, as well!

Types of Couples Packages

eKasal offers several Couples Packages, depending on your budget and preference. Each package’s inclusions are as follows:

Couples Silver Subscription. For only PHP 1,500/year, this package includes the Couple’s Name, Cover Image, Comments, Story Summary, 2 Image Photo Gallery, QR Code Invitation and RSVP -- on the couple’s webpage.

Couples Gold Subscription. Priced at just PHP 2,500/year, this package features the following on the couple’s webpage: Couple’s Name, Cover Image, Comments, Story Summary, 10 Image Photo Gallery, QR Code Invitation and RSVP, 10 Events, 10 Video Gallery, and Social Media Feed.

Couples Diamond Subscription. For PHP 3,500/year, this package includes: Couple’s Name, Cover Image, Comments, Story Summary, 20 Image Photo Gallery, QR Code Invitation and RSVP, 25 Events, 25 Video Gallery, and Social Media Feed -- on the couple’s eKasal webpage.

Couples Lifetime Subscription

Depending on your budget, you can choose from eKasal’s Silver, Gold, and Diamond Subscription packages for couples. Each of these packages entitles you to one year of listing service and publication on the website. But why settle for one year when you have the option to be featured… for a lifetime?!

Simply add PHP 2,500 to any Couples Package to upgrade to eKasal’s Couples Lifetime Subscription. As the name says, this feature allows you to share photos, videos, events, and stories for life! Enjoy unlimited sharing and interaction as your marriage blossoms… and your family grows! Your webpage can also serve as a lifelong platform for promoting your business or organization!

Final Thoughts

At eKasal, we believe that true love lasts forever. As you prepare to embark on one of life’s most exciting journeys -- marriage -- you can count on us to immortalize your wedding memories. And as your family grows, you can opt to continue using our platform for sharing about life’s most significant events and milestones!

To learn more about eKasal’sCouples Lifetime Subscription and other packages and services, just head to its official website ( and Facebook page ( You can also get in touch with eKasal by sending an email to and by calling: 0936-555-8680 (mobile), (88) 880-6918 (landline), or 9957445477 (WhatsApp).

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